Hyundai Sonata Problem Report

Hyundai Sonata Crankshaft Sensor May be Damaged by Broken Timing Belt

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Premature timing belt failure may result in serious engine damage. When replacing a broken timing belt, it is important to inspect and possibly replace the crankshaft position sensor; it is often damaged when the timing belt breaks.

i was driveing along the highway and suddently my car stopped i tryed to start it but it wouldent crank it would crank but wouldent start i took it to bales auto mall and it was diagnosed as the crank shaft sensor while changing the crank shaft sensor they reported to me that my timeing belt was damaged andd replaced that to it cost me 724 dollars. and now to date im haveing the same problem, hyundia needs a recall because i love my little car. -
Same problem, not fixed yet -
oil pump belt broke and destroyed timing belt and valves -
hard to start had to get a new timing belt job -
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