Volvo C70 Problem Report

Volvo C70 Convertible Top May Have Problems With Micro-Switches/Potentiometers

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The convertible top may have problems with the micro-switches and potentiometers that help control the raising and lowering of the top.

Convertible top started to go back and then stopped 6 inches from the widnscreen. Manually cranked it back to close and now won't work and the system keeps dinging all the time. Can anyone offer a suggestion? -
The problem I've run into was mentioned in passing in this feed, but I'm not sure about what to do next. The roof on my girlfriends car is closed all the way, but the sensor doesn't seem to realize that and the ding ding ding is driving us up a wall. I tried to find the fuse for that particular sensor and pull it but had no such luck. I tried to find the push button on the roof to try and jam it closed to stop the alarm but had no such luck there either. Is there anything we can do to get that thing to quiet down? It seems like a form of Chinese drip torture! -
we just bought a 2000 volvo c70 ,,,,the convertible top goes all the way down but not completely so the hard part is straight up and stuck....then if you push the button for the top to go forward it only makes it too the front with about four inches to go but doesnt make it ,,it stops......bummed out... -
the roof storage area on my c70 will not open manually by cranking with the tools supplied and will not open with the switch so how do you get into it -
top wont go down -
top locked in closed position but convertible light and chime alarm goes off incessantly when driving the car. dealership does not offer any definite options to diagnose and fix the problem. -
this vovo is the worst car i have ever owned do yourself a favour never buy one -
I also had this problem with the top stuck between up and down. Had to manually lower the top into storage area. During the manual closing, I noticed two small broken switches on either side that appeared to have broken off the lift arms. Took vehicle back to dealership, they mentioned nothing about micro-switches or potentiometers but rather told me that I would have to purchase both a left and right "tappet" that allegedly are broken, at a cost of almost $3,000. Then they would be able to determine what else would be required to "fix." I paid them to raise the top, lock it in place and disconnect the switch and chime so that no one would lower the top again. -
I had to replace the top and once I replaced the top I had issues with it closing properly into the trunk. One of many problems with this beautiful looking car. Will never buy another one! -
I had one of the two potentiametes replaced and have had problems with it ever since ie: wont complete its cycle when putting back up so the light and ding sound is on. Also after the volvo dealer so called fixed the potentiameter the top doesnt work up and down complete and wont fix it for me after I spent almost $1,000!! -
top wont close all the way. -
top stops short about 4 inches from completed closure. -
2 things Convertible top went down won't come back up. Change battery in car radio won't come on reading code when code is entered it still doesn't work. -
Potentiometer failure and dealer wants 1300 $ to repair. -
The same issues -
same problem with the microswitch -
Convertible Top - rear window detached from the top - not possible to re-glue window to convertible top; only option is to replace top which is what I did -
It hasn't been fixed yet. Dealer says it may not be the micro-switches. It's possible it's just not folding right. -
I have a big leak on the driver side and back passenger side both front and rear, of my C70 convetilble. Each car wash if it rains everything gets wet. What is more annoying is the driverside floor gets soaked, causing my car to stink until it dries. Even replacing the top did not stop the leakage, in fact after spending all that money on a new top it leaks more so. Volvo did a loosely job on an automobile that new cost over $41,000. -
Top will not go down, it contuniue to beep. I took fuse 35 out to get some peace. It is not fixed. -
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