Chrysler LeBaron Problem Report

Chrysler LeBaron Connector issue with speed sensor

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The connector on the input and/or output speed sensors on the automatic transmission may become damaged causing intermittent loss of speed control. There are wiring repair kits available to repair this issue.

driving at 50 mph, odometer suddenly dropped to 0 and stayed there. 5-10 seconds later, transmission suddenly downshifted and stayed there and was unable to move gear shift from D to 3. Got off Parkway, stopped vehicle, engine still running, I shifted into NEUTRAL, REVERSE and PARK (no problem). I then drove home very slowly ( not to damage the transmission ) by way of neighborhood streets. Next day on way to repair shop, everything suddenly began working perfectly for 5 minutes, THEN THE PROBLEM RETURNED for a few minutes, then again everything returned to normal. At the repair shop, a diagnostic reader connected to the vehicles' computer indicated a either the OUTPUT SPEED SENSOR or WIRING. Both were checked and only the OUTPUT SPEED SENSOR needed replacing. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN. -
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