Hyundai Sonata Problem Report

Hyundai Sonata Poor Shift Quailty of Automatic Transmission

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Prior to replacing the automatic transmission fluid (to improve shift quality), make sure that the transmission fluid level is correct. Also, make sure the computer that controls the transmission has the most up-to-date adaptive programming information. When servicing these transmissions be sure to use fluid approved by Hyundai.

I noticed that my car is beginning to down shift with a hard thump at 20mph. Has anyone had this problem? Kt -
Last year my Sonata started downshifting when driving on the freeway, on its own. I paid over $100 to get the dealer to fix it. They said it was a software glitch and they fixed it by loading new software. That was 2013. Now (2014) it downshifts hard when I'm braking in city traffic. If I'm going to have to pay this every year, I may be done with Hyundai. Other than this problem, it's been a great car. Hyundai needs to take ownership for this defect. -
Sonata Limited.I've had transmission problems starting at about 6 mos. and several times since...ECM & hard shifts, like someone hit me! The ECM should be covered by warranty. Poor gas mileage since about same time but ironically, this specific yr/model excluded from the class-action lawsuit that was awarded. Too many other problems to list. I'm afraid to take on trips, too. What a lemon! I'd never buy another one! Shame cuz a beautiful car...but looks don't make it run and get me where I need to go. Going back to Toyota! -
HARD down-shift always between 20 - 25 mph. -
Hard violent downshifts when drive car while cold. Almost disappears after warmed up. Harder upshift when cold. Will be taking to a dealer to diagnos issue. -
At times,before reaching normal operating temp.transmission would shift into next gear with a very very hard jerk.This would not happen all the time.Thank you -
In cool weather the transmission downshifts with a hard lurch at 20 mph, after warming up it seems to go away. -
Hard downshift from second to first when cold. -
Each morning when coming to a stop harsh down shift into 1st gear, but will go away after warmed up. Took into dealership and they did update to ECM, which was not covered under warranty, so much for the 10yr 100,000 mi warranty. -
not fixed, I shift into neutral, when coming up to stop signs--Jerky downshift -- if I don't put it in neutral. -
My car isn't shifting when trying to pick up speed. My paddle shifters work or it would be not be drivable. -
Pauses when downshifting from third to second. Dealership said there are no campaigns for this model. Had the transmission flushed and now the problem is worse. -
Shit from drive to drive one -
Car has issues when downshifting right at 20mph. Goes away if driven for a while and warmed up. Went away for a little while after changing the tranny fluid. Dealership wants to charge me for a diagnostic. Crazy, since this isn't an uncommon issue. -
Same prob as all with slowing to 20 and then hard down shift before stopping when cold. Now at 150000 xmission has loud click and clunk when shift to drive and or reverse. Several different sounds. Runs great other than that. No doubt letting it go was the wrong decision.... I noticed the down shift after replacing the battery. Why would a software prob be costing the customer???? Hmmmm. Still gets 36 mpg. Really didn't want to give a negative comment for just one problem.. Good Luck! -
Started noticing that my car would make a jerking motion when I slowed down. It usually happened when the car was still cold and I thought it was the brakes. Had brake work done and continued to notice the same problem. Took it to the dealership and they first told me I needed a new transmission, then informed me that all it needed was a software update. Still cautious. -
At about 66000 miles I notice that my car would downshift roughly from 4th to third gear at about 20 to 10mph. Sometimes it so forceful that you can here it pop. It only happens when the car is not warmed up to the normal operating temperature. I took it in to a Hyandai dealer for a diagnostic check ($120) and it was determined that I needed to have the computer reflased to the latest software. Problem went away for about a week then came back. I took it back to Hyundai and they said that the transmission needs to be replaced. Very disappointed! -
Slowing down at 20 mph the trans goes thump. -
Problem of hard downshifting when cold encountered almost every year since car was new. Reprogramming adaptive values is the approach dealer took every time, and the problem would go away for nine months to a year. After the warranty period was over the car started doing it again and reprogramming the values did not solve the problem. Hyundai did honor extended powertrain warranty and ended up replacing the transmission, which--believe it or not--did not solve the problem! Two more reprogrammings later finally did the trick. Now I'm waiting to see what happens over the next few months. -
Tranny shifts irregular -
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