Lexus IS250 Problem Report

Lexus IS250 Clicking Type Noise From Rear Suspension

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A clicking type noise may be noted from the rear of the vehicle while driving. Our technicians tell us that revised rear coil springs are available which may correct this concern.

When a hit the brakes, you hear a clicking sound coming from the rear and I just bought this vehicle two weeks ago from dealership. -
wat the noise in the rear -
clicking noise from both rear springs and front rt /driver side , replaced upper control arm and everything is clean and even replaced springs with eibach springs ,bow slightly less noisy -
A clicking noise can be heard when driving and turning, it get loud when driving along side another vehicle. -
My floors under both seat and the entire back carpet is always wet. -
after im dont driving the car. you will hear a cluncking noise on the back of my car. and when i get off or any movements. the noise is there, -
I took the car to the Treasure Coast Lexus on two occasions for clicking sound and nothing was done. I still have the problem. -
Rear end clicking sound -
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