2007 Chrysler Sebring Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on April 15, 2008

A problem with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) may cause the engine not to start, or to stall unexpectedly. Other symptoms may be a dead battery and/or a non-functioning cruise control or remote start system. If the engine stalls unexpectedly, a crash may occur.

RepairPal Expert Overview on November 19, 2007

Coolant may be drawn into the cooling fan wiring, which could cause an electrical short circuit and possibly a fire.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 29, 2007

The door may not latch when the is closed. If the door opens unexpectedly, an unbelted front seat occupant may fall out or be ejected in a crash.

RepairPal Expert Overview on June 18, 2007

On some vehicles, sensors for the air bag system may not function properly. This could increase the risk of injury in certain crash conditions.

RepairPal Expert Overview on February 19, 2007

A problem with the software for the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) computer may cause the rear brakes to lock up under certain braking conditions. This could cause a loss of control and possibly a crash without warning.

RepairPal Expert Overview on January 2, 2007

On vehicles with automatic temperature control (ATC), a software problem with the heating and AC (HVAC) computer may cause the defrosting and defogging functions not to work. Under certain conditions, visibility could be reduced, possibly resulting in a crash.

RepairPal Expert Overview on November 27, 2006

On some models, the hood may open unexpectedly, which could lead to a crash without warning.