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2001 Chevrolet Tahoe (12 Reviews)
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rear parking brakes actually fell apart.The drums are scored and should be replaced. abs light is on as is the brake warning warning dash light.In addition,the door handles are falling off due to corrosion of the fastening points. The rear hatch pistons are not functioning and the lid is very , heavy and difficult to open . it must be propped up with a 4x4 piece of lumber. If it fell on anyone it would result in serious injury. The vehicle was purchased from A dealer here in town,used. The dealer has a good reputation and I never expected the indifferent attitude being displayed. I was told "no warranty,as it is used. Due diligence,the 'reasonable person' philosophy'be damned.There are safety issues involved here that they 'knew or should have known' existed.
All in all a very good vehicle, but I have had some items to deal with. The good thing is that it's never ridiculously expensive. Transmission went out at about 90K, put in a rebuilt trans for $700. I did have a serious engine problem (random misfire on 7 and 8 at idle) at 165K miles and after bad luck at another mechanic finally took it to dealership who "smoked" the intake and found a leak. They fixed it and runs like a charm, only set me back $380. Recently, I'm at 185K miles, have had to put in a starter, which was a somewhat easy self install and only cost for the part. But at 190K just lost the water pump and needed a rear main seal, both about $550 each to repair, so that hurt. Still repairs have been much cheaper than a new vehicle payment.
2001 Z71, bought it new, have 165,000 miles, love it best vehicle I've owned. Only one problem eats alternators, can't figure out why. Sometimes boils the battery too which causes acid to leak which eats the windshield washer pumps located below battery and those are not cheap. Battery wrapped in plastic so that problem fixed but alternators keep failing. Wish I could figure out why. Otherwise great vehicle, and about 18 mpg on the hiway and 15 towing a boat. Oh yeah have had the steering column clunkiness, just ignore now.
every time i let my tahoe sit over night or about 12 hours the battery is dead there is a slow drain we have changed the battery twice and i cant found where the problem is. but after we jump start it it starts and runs good . just cant figure it out
We just purchased 2001 Tahoe 2 wd..in Feb of this year...now has 147,000 miles on it..Great vehicle..roomy, comfortable. I think GM could have come up with better cloth for the seats, though. Not holding up well. We also have 97 Chevy Z71 3 door p/u that hs 178,000 on it and the seats look like new..much better material.. a lot sturdier. Anyway, back to the Tahoe..just had small issues..irritating, but small..hd history of windshield washer pump leaking..dealership no help..finally fixed it ourselves. Did also have low idle/almost stalling issue..found out was build up in throttle body..cleaned it..runs like a champ. There is one last existing problem that puzzles us...the window on dash that shows the drive, neutral, park etc..flickers when lights are on..no other lights on panel affected..headlights not affected..weird..any ideas !
This is the best Car I have ever owened. I just replaced the Shocks
I purchased this car new and has been the best vehicle we have ever owned. Great for long trips and just going to work. I have 84,000 miles and hope to put another 84,000 on.
I bought my Z71 used - and i do regular tune ups. I LOVE IT!! Even if its mpg is low, I wouldnt trade it :)
I purchased a 5.3 L 2 WD LT model with approx 12k miles...it now has 416,000 with orginal drive train. water pump, power sterring and alternator are the only replacements beyond normal maintenence. replaced the original spark plugs at 285, 000 miles and it did not make much difference! I don't even believe it out of a GM vehicle, but glad this one was mine
tank in disguise if u treat it right and keep up with basic maintanance, paint faded on the hood, and at 113000 miles i only replaced the blower motor resistor, brakes, front right hub bearing(not enough $ to replace the other one) and a hanger bushing on the rear that holds the exhaust pipe in place, it gave me a code for knock sensors but it went away after a few days (i think it was poor quality gas) besides that it took me from jersey to key west 2ice no issues and i drive it daily!
2001 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.3L 2wd 347,500 miles maintenence and repairs: alternator power steering pump water pump at 347,000 10w30 mobil synthetic oil leaking oil at rear main seal but that is fairly common at this mileage.. brake issue: rear brakes were wearing out every 30,000 miles initially..chevy has a fix for this if you ask you local chevy parts guy ORIGINAL PLUGS going to change soon but gas mileage is consistent, runs smooth until throttle body gets carbon buildup around valve plate which is easily cleaned with throttle body/carb cleaner.. best vehicle I have ever owned and driven over 140,000 miles
All I do is chainge the oil and put gas in the tank at 132k miles