2005 Chevrolet Corvette Recalls

Electrical & Lights,May 14, 2014
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The underhood bussed electrical center (fuse box) can expand causing the low beam relay to flex. Over time this can cause the relay to fail, resulting in loss of low beam headlight operation. Loss of headlight operation can affect the drivers ability see and be seen, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the underhood bussed electrical housing unit to correct this concern. 2008-2013 Chevrolet Corvettes will be covered under customer satisfaction program number 14203 for the same issue.

Suspension & Steering,April 30, 2010
RepairPal Expert Overview:

In certain cases, repeated movement of the steering column on vehicles equipped with tilt andtelescoping options may cause a signal interruption with the column. If this were to occur, the "service active handling system" message would be displayed. One or more of the brakes could apply, possibly causing the vehicle to pull to the left or right. Failure of the driver to react to the change in vehicle movement could result in a crash. Dealers will perform repairs necessary to correct this issue. This recall is expected to begin on April 30, 2010. The General Motors recall number is 10118.

Body, Interior & Misc.,April 21, 2010
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The adhesive bonding the roof panel to its frame may separate. Partial separation could result in one or more of the following: snapping noise over bumps, wind noise, poor roof panel fit, roof panel movement when a door is closed, or a water leak. Total separation while the vehicle is in motion could result in personal injury or property damage. Dealers will install a new roof panel to correct this concern. This recall is expected to begin during April 2010. The General Motors recall number is 90230.

Body, Interior & Misc.,October 19, 2006
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The adhesive between the roof panel and the frame may separate. The roof panel may detach from the vehicle and could strike another vehicle and cause injury and property damage. Dealers will inspect the roof panel and secure or replace it as necessary. This recall began on October 19, 2006.

Suspension & Steering,October 14, 2005
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Some vehicles have a power steering hose that was not made to specification and may rupture under extreme steering conditions. If this were to happen, power steering assist would be lost and steering effort would increase. On vehicles equipped with hydro-boost brakes, braking effort would also increase. If power steering fluid were to spray on hot engine parts, an engine compartment fire could also occur. Dealers will inspect the power steering hose(s) for the two suspect date codes and replace them if needed. The recall began October 14, 2005. The GM recall number is 05086.

Brakes,January 18, 2005
RepairPal Expert Overview:

On certain vehicles, the rear brake lines may be close, or come into contact with the exhaust manifold. This could heat the lines and boil the brake fluid; the lines could also wear from contact. If the brake fluid boils, or leaks, effectiveness of the rear brakes would be reduced and a crash could occur.

Dealers will inspect the left engine exhaust manifold clip for alignment and placement on the body mounted stud. If it's correct, they will reposition the clip on the brake lines and reinstall the clip on the stud. Dealers will ensure that both rear brake lines have the proper clearance to the left exhaust pipe and the machining tab on the rear differential housing will be removed. The brake lines in the affected areas will be inspected for damage and will be replaced if there are signs of wear-through on the nylon overcoating. The recall began January 18, 2005. The GM recall number is 04086.