Nissan Sentra Problem Report

Nissan Sentra Check Engine Light/Loss of Power Due to Throttle Body Failure

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The electronic throttle actuator (throttle body) can fail causing a loss of power and illumination of the Check Engine Light.

All of sudden, speed drops and car moves @ 10 MPH. We stop, and start again. Run fine. Happens almost once daily. -
Hi im Brett, My 2002 nissan sentra gxe has been having some issues starting after sitting overnight. it normally takes about 6 seconds to start but when it does start it studders like it is running on 2 cyl. then switches to 3 cyl. then to 4. but still studders like crazy. It shakes and the S.E.S. light blinks and stays on. I have gotten over 10 codes malfunctioning, i dont exactly remember them but like 3 fuel injectors were failing, mass airflow sensor failed, alot more lol. But it studders when it is being driven and likes it when you push the pedal to the floor. It tries to stall when at idle if it has been driving. -
too expensive to fix , will dump car, never buy a Nissan again. piece of junk -
already had this replaced 12,500 miles ago - DCH Freehold Nissan refusing to stand behind the replacement beacuse they say they onky warranty for 12,000 miles! They want another $500. to repair! Outrageous, last Nissan I will buy and this was our third. -
car slows no throttle response turn off car and restart it runs ok but service engine light stays on third time it has happened in last month -
I have a 2006 nissian sentra i also had a problem with the check engine light I took it to the shop four times before they found the problem was due to throttle body. the price was quite high 625.26 so far it is running good. I only have 58k miles on it.if it happen again, I'am going to trade it on a honda Accord! Conrad Rowan! -
Im having the same problem except im not lucky enough for it to work after a few tries I just get no power atnall goes to maybe 1000rpms whej pedal is to the floor. I got 2 codes when I hooked up my obd scanner it was p1122 and p0328 from what im reading from others im hoping its part of the recall for nissan so I can grt it fixed if not im sure it will expensive..... -
I've now had to replace the throttle chamber/throttle position sensor twice since I bought the car in 2006. -
still problem engine no move car -
I've had the car since new changed it 4 times -
I was on the freeway going up a hill at 65 miles an hour with cruise control set. The check engine light came on and the car lost all power. It would then go up the hill at 40 miles an hour and then stutter. Going down hill it would go just fine. Have not solved the problem yet because I had to have it towed. I am scared that it might be the transmission going out. -
It sputters, then loss of power, then won't start back up For a long period of time -
During snow storms the engine jumps with intermitted loss of power. I was told this is likely the electronic throttle control. -
rise and fall of rpm and multi attempts to start before starting. -
Service engine soon light comes on and the car goes into "Limp Home Mode" A quick temp fix that I did about 36 times at least, was to shut oof car remove key put key back in and start. Will look into a new Throttle Body (Electronic Throttle Unit?) -
Replaced throttlebody -
driving down the road and loss power little high idle when sitting still and check engine light on. -
The car lost power in a middle lane of an 8-lane busy road! On a Sunday in Miami, Florida; I had it towed to friend's home and on Monday, to their mechanic, who diagnosed the problem by computer. I saw online that this is a problem for some 2004 Nissan Sentra's; when I contacted Nissan Motor Corporation, I was told the recall was NOT APPLICABLE for mine. I was told that a recall was according to where it was manufactured and that my car was not in the recall. I was told I would have been contacted if it was recalled. Mechanic replaced crankshaft and camshaft sensor (sold together) and my car is running again. -
i press on throttle no power -
Having issues starting vehicle. Firestone says that the throttle body is not opening when starting the vehicle. -
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