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Honda Accord Check Engine Light on Due to Clogged EGR Ports

Honda Accord Problem
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Model Year Affected: 2002

Average Mileage: 125,302 mi (124,000 mi - 126,605 mi)


A Check Engine light can come on if the EGR ports have clogged.

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    I took my Honda to the AAA care care center and they removed the intake manifold and cleaned out the EGR ports and replaced all the gaskets. It took 3-4 hours. They reset the codes at that time. I have driven approx 20 miles now and the check engine light has not returned. When the codes were reset in the past the PO401 code would return after only 10-15 miles. So far so good.

    Code P0401 - EGR Flow insufficient detected. I replaced the EGR valve, PCV valve, air filter and reset code. The code returned after driving 10 miles. AAA mechanic recommended removing intake manifold and cleaning EGR ports. I have not done this yet but will follow-up if that resolves the issue.

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