Mazda B3000 Problem Report

Mazda B3000 Check Engine Light Illuminated, code for Camshaft Position Sensor, Runs Poorly

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The Check Engine Light may come on and the engine will run poorly. During diagnosis the technician may find a trouble code for the Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP), P0340. It is recommended to check the CMP driveshaft for looseness in the housing because if the shaft is loose, a new sensor will be damaged again. If the shaft has play, the CMP sensor and housing unit will need to be replaced. Our technicians recommend using the factory type timing tool for the replacement procedure.

I have a small vacuum leak on my truck. Question is where do I start looking . And how to fix it. And how to detect it. -
runs poorly and not shifting right -
Check engine light code P0340. not repaired yet -
this problem P0455 Evap emission control system leak large -
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