Buick Century Problem Report

Buick Century Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

(25 reports)

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

got to click that gas cap at least 5 times when replacing it. -
gas cap hard to put on right , causes the check engine light to come on the next few miles -
The Check Engine light remains on constantly. My mechanic is baffled as to why this is occurring. -
Not fixed. Constant Check Engine Light on. I cannot determine the problem. -
still not fixed have had the problem for years. Have had it into the shop they said gas cap replaced that it worked for about a week then back to the same problem everything has been checked they find no reason for it -
NEVER overfill your gas tank. When filling up and the gas hose clicks off at the pump DO NOT fill to max. Also Make sure the gas cap is tight after filling so as not to create a vaccum. Common sense fixes this problem. -
I had to have the gas cap replaced because the light kept coming on and once the cap was changed no more problems. -
Was in Florida and the light came on and when I got gas the cap was lose, tightened it up drove for a 1000 miles ant went off. Later same problem tightened it and light went off in a few miles. -
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