Buick Rainier Problem Report

Buick Rainier Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Have had cap replaced at least three times since we purchased auto. Started around 15,000. Dealership closed and any recalls, we are told need to go to a GM dealer or not covered even if other shops were certified through GM -
A Toy Story Sticker solved this one for me. I stuck it right over the indicator light!! THe darn thing comes on EVERY time that I am almost empty. As soon as I fill up, it may go off, it may not. Sometimes I only have to turn the car off, go outside and screw the cap on again. It's not a very smart car. -
The light came on signalling a Gas Cap issue. I bought a new one at the dealership where I bought the car new, and we still have the problem. -
Every year code p0455 comes out large leak on evaporation system change the cap one time work but now a message come out in the dash board saying loose cap -
light comes on ck gas cap have bought three new gas caps from buick dealership and yet still have the same problem -
My light comes on and I make sure the cap is secure and it is --I wonder why the light keeps coming on -
Light just pop on checked gas cap don't are any problem with gas cap -
Bought a new gas cap -
removed gas cap and reinstalled. After a tank of gas the light went off. It has occurred twice with same result. -
Check engine light comes on frequently due to gas cap :( -
Gas cap no longer latches causing the check engine light to illuminate. -
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