GMC Sonoma Problem Report

GMC Sonoma Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

(21 reports)

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Service engine light keep coming on. We finally just replaced the the gas cap and it took care of the problem! -
replace cap -
after filling up and twisting cap till it clicks 3 times ODB code reads 0442 it does not always happen though! -
replaced gas cap 2 times this year.. not sure if its a gmc problem or the kind of gas we all have to deal with now.. I hear its not good and dry rots the gas caps -
Light came on after filling up. -
Forgot to tighten cap, drew code, tighten cap reset code, vwalla.. -
loose gas cap--engine warnuing light -
04/2010 Freeway road was uneven at end of bridge. I hit dip going 60 mph. Truck bottomed out and I nearly lost control. Check engine light came on. I spent $100 to have problem diagnosed as broken fuel cap. 03/14/12 Happened again. 13 reported problems? I think the dealer should refund me the $200 I spent to diagnose this problem. -
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