Subaru Forester Problem Report

Subaru Forester Check Engine Light Due to Failed Knock Sensor

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate because of a failed knock sensor. Although the sensor often tests okay, it can fail intermittently, while the vehicle is being driven.

The check engine has come on twice in the past two weeks and the code read (knock). The engine has always made some noise from a piston slap but the light has never came on before. Now,I am wondering if I have an engine problem. Answers anyone? -
I had this same issue and reported it as well, but took it the shop and replaced the sensor as well as did a full tune up..All belts, Wires, Plugs and fuel filter and that fixed my check engine light as well as the A/T temp light -
My forester severly hesitates then suddenly speeds up my check engine light does report back the knock sensor, does the symptoms sounds related to the sensor? -
they cannot seem to fix it -
My knock sensor failed and check engine light turned on. Fixing issue. -
check engine light on dealer checked an came saying is the knock senser -
Check engine light on due to failed knock sensor and catalytic converter -
check engine lite -
CEL came on, seemed to run rougher, my mechanics put it on tester, drove it & report all was well after testing/driving- reset CEL. Cel came back on within a week, cruise control lights also flashing/disabled, mech says bring it by in am, hook it up & see if anything else involved. We shall see.... -
happens constanly -
Check engine light was on and I discovered that it was the knock sensor. I replaced the sensor and even though I can hear slight detonation knocks, it is doing just fine after about a year. -
CEL came on as knock sensor reading low. Changed knock sensor with a aftermaket (Bosch I think) and CEL went off and trouble code never came back. -
Check engine light came on and the diagnostic code indicated bad knock sensor, located knock sensor and removed, founf it had a cracked housing. Replaced knock sensor and reset code. Now have 160,000 mile with no further problems. -
check engine light -
knock sensor failed but good sensor havent fixed yet -
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