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Nissan Maxima Check Engine Llight Due to Failed Ignition Coil

Nissan Maxima Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

Average Mileage: 130,696 mi (49,800 mi - 201,000 mi)


The Check Engine Light may illuminate indicating a primary ignition signal fault. Many times the cause is an ignition coil(s) that has failed. The problem in the coil causes the spark energy to feedback through the wiring harness into the other coils. If this is not repaired, it can damage the other coils (blistering on the coils may be seen).

  • Visitor, , 144,008 mi

    You can't just change one quarrel you have to change Amora I Warmont eBay real cheap from one and it's unbelievable that car runs beautiful so I would go with that

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  • Visitor, , 122,000 mi

    When I bought my 99 Maxima 6 yrs ago, the seller replaced ignition coil #5 & I went on my merry way. For the past 18mo my car's been showing signs of another bad ignition coil. It sucks, & it's very unnerving to feel your car chugging when accelerating from 30mph to 40mph. So, I guess I'll be ordering a new ignition coil.

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  • Visitor, , 148,204 mi

    I purchased my 1999 Nissan Maxima 3.0 SE in 2001 and it has been the best vehicle a person could ask for. The coil pack problem has, so far, been the only major trouble this car has given me. 14 years later, I still love my Maxima!

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  • Visitor, , 185,000 mi

    I replaced the first Cylinder Ignition Coil being Cylinder No 2 in 2004,
    No 4 in 2005
    No 5 in 2009
    No 3 in 2010
    No 2 again 2011
    Now I have another faulty one and while one faulty coil is still acceptable power - this time there was a huge loss of power when under load, like about- 3 coils were faulty, not consistent and by the time I got back to the service garage they were all working and we did not know which one are how many had been faulty. IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING AND UNSAFE

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  • Visitor, , 110,000 mi

    blinking check engine, ignition coil was faulty, replacement solved the problem

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  • Visitor, , 130,000 mi

    Car was running rough and check engine light came on. Replaced spark plugs and ignition coils

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  • Visitor, , 145,000 mi

    Check engine light came on and read misfire for number three piston and knock sensor issues. Turns out it was a failed ingnition coil for number three. Midas offered to replace all spark plugs and the coil for $285.

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  • I have a problem with the ignition too my car wont start and I think its the ignition switch but im not sure

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  • Check engine light is on all the time

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  • Visitor, , 75,000 mi

    Car began to "diesel" (idle unevenly and vibrate) and then die at traffic lights, etc.
    One by one, from 75000 to 175000 miles, all of the ignition coils have failed. I replaced them myself for about $70 each. I used a VOM meter to test them the last time and determine which one was failing, since the engine code was not specific, and the front 3 are different from the back 3 (a.k.a. "Right" and "Left" sides of the V-6 engine block). You need to find details by doing internet research, but the replacement is fairly easy.

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