Nissan Maxima Problem Report

Nissan Maxima Check engine light due to clogged EGR valve

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The EGR valve can become clogged with carbon, which causes the Check Engine Light to illuminate. The valve needs to be removed and the system cleaned.

check engine light stayed on.Put some fuel additive in and the light went out temporarily.Came back on,turned out to be clogged EGR valve -
P0400 code, EGR valve and thermo sensor replaced. Code remains -
Check engine light came on. EGR valve replaced. After a few months check engine light came back on. Mechanic said EGR hose was now clogged. Could unclog hose but the heads may still be clogged and cause the check engine light to come back on. Won't pass inspection in current condition. -
Failed emissions (Diagnostic code P0400 EGR). Check engine light on and won't go off. -
car stalls when decelerating or when stopped for more than a few minutes,was told by mechanic it was the egr valve -
Check Engine Light ("CEL") came on and codes appeared for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve and also Knock Sensor. First shop wanted over $1000 to repair these. Took it to a dealer, which offered to do it for $500, saying it was just carbon buildup in the EGR ports, probably not actually a bad EGR Valve. And Knock Sensor code was just a side-effect. Finally got it cleaned for $400 by another Nissan dealer in TN. -
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