Chrysler Pacifica Problem Report

Chrysler Pacifica Check Engine Light Due to Carbon Buildup on Valves

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Carbon buildup on the valves may illuminate the Check Engine Light, indicating "Multiple Cylinder Misfires." The combustion chamber must be cleaned of carbon. There are updated valve spring retainers that will help prevent a recurrence.

I bought this car used last year, shortly after getting it home from the dealer the check engine light came on. The code was p0304, misfire on cylinder 4. I took it back to the dealer who had it checked out several times. within the first 3 months of owning this vehicle it spent 2 months with the dealer..... the dealer gave up and said they cant fix the problem, I later did some reading and found out about the carbon buildup on the valvles that cause them to stick. The solution we have found for this is to use a good quality fuel injector cleaner and then switch to using gas from a manufacturer that includes cleaning agents in the gas, prefereably the premium grade. CHeck engine light has been off since then. -
If I try to maintain a steady speed of between 35 and 45, the car just "stutters". Higher speeds and lower speeds seem ok. My mechanic has cleaned all the cylinders because of the "cylinder misfire" code. He puts some stuff in to clean valves and it's ok for a while then starts again. -
Engine light comes on and just got a tune up and oil change. -
misfire codes come up change all the coils and still get misfire and engine light blinking -
my check engine light is on as well whn they get buildup like that would it cause my car to back fire and hard to start,put in a new fuel pump worked for 2 days and it stopped agian.or what would make my fuel pump burn out so quick -
Engine Misfire, cylinder replacements, timing belt and water pump. $3900/ Called Chrysler they said not under warranty and cannot help with resolution. -
Engine light comes on and usually stays on. the Last car I brought with this same problem, I wasn't able to Pass the emissions Test. -
My check engine light is on constantly. I have taken the car to 2 dealers, spent a ridiculous amount of money and the problem still exists. They replaced the 02 sensor, cleaned the valves, did a tune up, and several other miscellaneous repairs. The car does not stall or stutter, it runs as smooth as the day I bought it. I would like to have the problem resolved but I refuse to keep giving away money to people who won't or can't fix the problem. You'd think a dealer would employ knowledgeable mechanics. -
Ticking noise coming from the engine snd belt making noise -
I had a similar issue reporting on cylinder#3 (I have a $20 Bluetooth code reader from ebay which communicates to my "Torque" Android app to get & clear codes - use it on my Jeep compass too). Anyway, I bought one new fuel injector ($75 in Canada) and replaced #3 injector and the shuttering/mis-firing has been gone for a year! Drove the car 1000+ miles to P.E.I and back from Ottawa the week after the change. Best 75 bucks I ever spent, it did take a bit of a learning curve to get to the fuel injectors. Whole top of the engine compartment removed, but took my time, cataloged parts and I did it! Felt kinda cool figuring this out on my own! Please beware that my issue might not be the same as yours, I am not a mechanic just a tinkerer that got lucky starting with one of the cheaper solutions and it worked. -
Still trying to get it fixed. -
My motor light on -
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