Jaguar XJ8 Problem Report

Jaguar XJ8 Center Arm Rest Cup Holder May Break

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The cup holder in the front center arm rest is flimsy and may break, making it impossible to close the cup holder assembly.

Cup holder hinge pin is flimsy plastic part, prone to breakage - really annoying and difficult to repair. I'm on me second replacement! -
Stupid cup holder has slipped its little track thing and just won't stay shut anyway. Any little bump makes it flip open. -
Seems to be an extremely common problem. Common Jaguar make a reasonable replacement part available. -
plastic hinge broken -
center arm rest would not open- dealer said clips broke -
broken cup holder. not yet fixed -
The cup holder cover plastic latch "hook" broke off making it impossible to close the spring loaded cup holder cover. -
Flip out section has broken/fallen apart. As yet, I have not repaired the issue. -
cupholder parts springs and plastic came undone. They want $300 at the dealer to install a new one -
Cup Holders break on nearly all of these. I simply glued mine permanently shut. -
Yes, Problems -
Continuing problem; defective and flimsy design. -
Cup holder over-extends -
cheap cup holder -
replace broken cup holder assembly -
My cup holder is completely broke. -
cupholder broke ,chimes for door open, headlamps left on,turn singles realy work -
cup holder broke,hinge is to flimsy -
cup holder is broke -
cup holder broken -
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