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Oldsmobile Bravada CD Player in Radio May Fail

Oldsmobile Bravada Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Average Mileage: 118,666 mi (54,000 mi - 195,000 mi)


The CD player in the radio may fail. Our technicians tell us that the radio will need to be removed and sent out to a radio repair shop to correct this condition.

  • Visitor, , 120,000 mi

    cd's wont eject. holds 6 has 5 in it. Won't take the 6th and won't eject the 5. Won't play any of the one that are in it. Error message says cd error then switches over to the radio.

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  • Visitor, , 100,000 mi

    CD player stopped accept CDs of any variety (store bought or burned) around 100K miles. Discs will not work in any of the 6 slots.

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  • My CD player locked the CD inside and i could not eject it.

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  •  Rookie

    My CD player does not work. It tells you that it is full but does not eject any CD's. I bought the car used and it was like this. Has any one fixed there CD player and how much did it cost?

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  • Visitor, , 195,000 mi

    cd will not eject

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  • Visitor, , 181,662 mi

    cd player was playing fine, cd ended and was attempting to move to next disc and won't. I get error message: player error and will not release my cds.

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  • WHEN I TRY TO plaY A cd IT will play one song ,if im real lucky it will play 2 songs then pop out the cd and wont play again for about 15 min to a hour and then does it over again?

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  • Visitor, , 54,000 mi

    I bought the car used at a dealership and I noticed immediately that the cd player was faulty. I have never gotten it fixed because many other problems were evident and the vehicle has spent much of its life in a repair facility. There is still much to be resolved.

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