Nissan Murano Problem Report

Nissan Murano Cannot Access Fuel Filler Compartment

(19 reports)

The fuel filler door actuator relay can fail and prevent access to the gas cap.

Replace acuator -
the gas door is not working you have to stick something in door to open it -
Gas cap became progressively more difficult to get open. It became risky to go longer distances and risk running low on gas. Finally, visited dealership service department and found the actuator relay had failed. -
Unable to access gas tank. Had to have access released -
Broke off plastic piece to access gas tank -
Same problem. My husband took apart inside of car so that if happens again I can push the button from the inside. Drives me nuts to do it! -
Fuel filler door failed to open. dealer replaced relay @ $42.00 labor/$22 parts. -
tried to fill with gas, cannot open door -
This began when I first purchased the vehicle brand new. It's gotten worse and I just bent the little tab and use a cc to open the fuel door now...been doing this for a few years now. -
Unable to unlock filler door. Tried all solutions in owner's manual--still did not work. Bought new relay, but no one at the dealership service dept knows where it's located to replace it. -
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