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My stability and abs light comes on every time I drive . my code reader says the problem is left rear wheel sensor circuit so I changed the wheel sensor but it made no difference code # is c0045-5a don't know if that ...
My display was rising and stopped halfway. Now says display malfunction and not buttons are working hard. It is stuck in this position. Any ideas how to resolve?
Driver side strut rattling while driving. Shop states seems to be mount
Low and high beams both out. This is a supposedly a sealed unit car has 90,000+ miles. Dealer wants 1,200 $ plus to replace. If sealed unit is at falt, why should we be held to pay cost. Is there any way to organize...
In power mode it goes up immediatly starts down about a quarter way goes back up then all the way back down. What type of fluid does it take?
Oil leaks from the rear of the vehicle (to the touch). No visible sign on the ground.
I lowered the window and now it want ho back up....what do I do?
cannot tell if it is roof drain or under dash
TPMsystem showed unusually high or unusually low PSI readings for two of my tires. Now all tire PSI numbers blank and message system telling me to get Tire Pressure Monitoring system checked. We tried to put more air ...
The dashboard showed the emergency parking light, stability control light and engine light all at the same time. Also, in the center it said service stability system where the car menu information is.
The book say's to turn ignition on, there is no ignition switch?