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The lateray plastic supports for the sunshade in the headliner hae coem loose. The adhesive used to hold them in place has failed. The second and third supports came loose.Iwas able to slip them out, and the shade ...
It come on when i first start moving the car
Can this easily be repaired? Where can I find the part it needs?
Drips now and then from the larger one of the two steel tubes in this area
Timing chain replaced recently but there is still a lound ticking when the engine is on, both when in gear and at an idle.could the timing chain need to be tightened?
also my auto start wont work when i press the button i here a click but it wont start by the remote i changed all batteries,and everthing else works on the remote. what can be the problem
dealer said my 2008 srx cadillac needs power steering flush, does it