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I just started receiving an alert warning in my radio screen. It immediately causes the radio to jump up and down. Any idea what this could be?
I need to replace the recliner motor
could you please tell me what each of these codes mean on my 2006 Cadillac srx 3.6 liter P0008, P0446, P0016, P0496, P0024, and P0021. These are the codes that was read from the car from the check engine light. the ca...
stop got gas cut the motor off, after gas the car got in it to go, the motor just turning over ,but wouldn't start. I was told it was the crank position sensor. I change that and it still doing the same thing. what do...
I'm using the most exspensive moble syn oil on the market and befor oil change is due I have added enough oil that I could have done a complete oil change,I'm spending $50 plus dollars on added oil befor oil change is...
car started loosing oil nothing on drive way and nothing apparent on motor, after about 10 separate techs checking for loss of oil found out oil was going in air filter box through air filter. After futher checking fo...
Brought new GM/OEM shocks with air bags for my 2006 srx. Replaced all four and the vehicle stills ride bad, Is there something else I am suppose to do after installing them. Need help.
the car has been acting strange the sound wont work at times could it be possible that their may be a short in the electrical or maybe the computer is fried it wont use thedata to help the navigational server im pe...
shut car off would not start no compression
Bottle is empty so I assume it leaks
the car was idling rough and then stalled wouldn't hardly turn over. took car to dealer and they say the camshaft actuator needed to be replaced at a cost of $2500!!!
how much should changing a front directional light cost?
the night before i added gas to the tank the next day i drove the car a few miles when the trouble started the check engine lite came on