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Car won't move in any gear. Had it towed to Aamco & was told it need a light trans overhaul $1700/$1800 & a little more if need a torque converter. Do this sound right?
Do the replacement LEDs need a resistive load placed on them? Also what are the replacement part numbers that would be recommended for both the LEDs and the sockets?
I am trying to remove the oil pan because there is a knock in the motor and I want to see if and how much crankshaft damage there may be and possibly changed the rod bearings
from a dead stop or hit passing gear from a low speed it sounds like there is a gear stripping! Any good inspections I can do before I hire the shop?
added 87 octane for about 2 months and now I hear this knocking noise from my engine. What can I do to fix this
it has plenty of fluid,when i turn it off in park and wait a few minutes and restart the car it will go until i stop again
Car runs well after I added super octane fuel.. but I added High octane fuel for a long trip and after 175 miles and a FILL UP (93 octane- supposedly) suddenly started "stuttering" again as I'd get toward 60- 70. Sto...
i took it to a shop to see why it shakes but they found nothing wrong and no engine lights are on either?
My Cadillac 2005 SRX 4.6 V8 has AWD and Usual rear drive how the to shift the front drive to rear drive please