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In the past I would only have to turn the key. Then in the last day I would have to hold the key on for couple of seconds and it would pause then start up. It will no longer do that. When I turn the key it won't star...
When I turn on the AC, Heat or Front defogger I get indication for the fan running, on the climate control panel, but no air blowing. I still have cooling and heating to both front seats.
What is serviced doing this tune up? Isn't the oil change usually included?
I replace my ground cable on my escalade n it still won't.crank also replace my battery and nothing as well please help.....
my check engine light is on because of throttle sensor
after it been off and sitting for a while when i start it back up the lights goes off,even the little light that shows what gear its in dont be on.
The check engine light is on with codes P0442 small evap leak/ P0455 evap leak/ P0496 purge control solenoid. Smoke test showed no visible leaks anywhere. Gas cap has been replaced twice. Very hard to start after g...
What causes this and what is the repair needed?
Steady engine light diagnosed as throttle position sensor. Where is the TPS located.
location of fuel filter?