5.3 awd 2005

Unable to get any forced air from the blowers in any selected position requiring air, ie ac, defrost etc.

An idiot put water in a gas can and poured it in
Gas tank- I caught them- stopped them. Was able
Get to MARATHON put 1/4 tank of premium in tank
Parked it then put water absorbing liquid it my tank.
Do you think my gas line, engine etc. Will be in tact ?

First the rear view& drivers side mirror went blue
Then lighters/charge ports off- then heated seat
Off, seats stuck in position, passenger side windows
Stuck closed , traction system sticking& grinding
Now the ABS light is on

Changed light but warning light stays on. Do not have correct manual do I'm unable to find out why it's staying on. Do not know if it's a fuse but I can't find any info on what fuse it may be or where that would be located. Any feedback would be appreciated.

my truck started to miss a little when idling but cleared up when I drove HI way speed but then it started to heat a little so I added coolant and it cooled off when I got home the motor was over full on the dipstick and the motor would not turn over.

looking for safety button after accident ?

Checked the thumbwheel, n the gear n mileage lights r on. Any ideas? ???

also the four tires are wearing out; on the inside and outside of the tire

I"ll change the fuse and change the light bolb and nothing works

I"ll change the fuse and change the light bolb and nothing works

It only makes this noise when driving not in park. this is a sporadic type of noise and some times this will be 3 to 4 times in a row.

The seatwarmer, windows and power locks all have not response when i try to use them. But the other door controls all work fine.