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This alert has popped up twice in the past 2 days.. When I turn my truck off and back on again, it clears... I'm just wondering what may be causing this issue?
Wondering if there's a way to turn my automatic driving lights on and off?
your advise to another was to replace rack & pinion, my truck has 76000 miles and sets a lot. would lucas product help me. the problem just started and not severe yet.
Replace the front headlight bulb?
checked the fluid and had to add 3 1/2 quarts to get it full. but can't find any leaks but still doesn't shift highway speed
A computer chip that has something to do with the ignition for starting this vehicle.
The blower blows hot and ice cold. The problem is its stuck on defrost mode and wont switch over to any other settings...help
problem with ACDELCO PART # GT264 LOCKING GAS CAP for 2004 cadillac truck
The "Service Air Bag" light comes and goes randomly. It will stay on for a few days the go off for sometims a week, sometimes a month before returning. Also, the "Service Ride Control" light came on for a few days. ...
The driver's side window is sometimes slow going up, and last week it would not go up at all. After about an hour of removing the master switch, unplugging and replugging to make sure there was no corrosion, the wind...
I need to know where the parking assist module is located - I've looked under the RH seat but the module there is not the same GM part number I am told I need. Were they located some other place on different models?
When do i know when my air shocks have been worn out?
My check engine warning light came on, I took my truck to autozone so they could check the code. The print out says, EVAP purge/vent solenoid circuit condition. The probable causes are 1. purge or vent solenoids defec...
portable power ports like for a tom tom or fuzzbuster doesnt work.
the truck hesitates on every start i have to crank it 2-3 times.