Everytime I drive it with the ac on

As there is no leakage on the garage floor could this interior leak be coming through the heater?

When I run over a speed bump the rear bottoms out

Changed the spark plugs and some of the spark plug were sauabmerged in fuel

Sitting 6 months but I need my car back. I know I am going to have to replace all fluids and tires. Maybe brakes.

system . Car will not start now ???

About 2 weeks ago the display in my car read "check coolant", I checked the reservoir and saw that I needed to put some dex-cool in, I filled it up, I have noticed a smell once in a while, but wasn't sure of what it was, today I saw a decent sized puddle under the front of the car on the passenger side, right in front, it happened when I had the car on, and in park for about 5 minutes, after I got home I saw it leaking a little bit after I had turned it off, just a few drops, but I went to drive it to the store, and "check coolant" came up again, Any help would be awesome!! :) Thank you!

on/off plunger is fully in, off timer is fully to the left

others not that long the last one only one week they get very hot ends up with the fans stop working sometimes the relay goes bad sometimes the controler melts help if you know a heavy duty controler thanks

when adding coolant,noticed a leak almost immediatly beneath radiator area.

occurs always from all ducts

this happens every third,or fourth start

Having trouble with driver side power seats, I have replaced the fuse twice and now the dealship is saying it may be the seat motor. However, they do not know which one it is. I went to auto zone and the guy said he could not locate the power source. We were able to locate 2 fuse boxes one in the truck and one under the hood however, he said their should be a 3rd power source. Any help would greatly be apprectiated. At one point the seats would move back and forth by it self and make a really weird noice. Please help!