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Does it need service at all?
Leak is at front head in the center, unable to detect where. Anything I should be looking for in particular?
had new rotors and pads put on front @ 58K Is there something wrong with the abs system?
When I start driving about 35mph, I start hearing this like fan like noise..any idea what it is beforeI take it in for service.
if i disconnect the batery, it temporarily fixes the promblem
I have previously taken it in to repair but they did not fix. I need the air conditioner fixed drivers side power window fixed. As well as replacement bolts for the front fender that is offset due to collision. I woul...
it was doing this on its own and all the lights would flash like the P R N D what could have caused that
where can i find a frame for my grille?
getting the whole grille. wher can i find a frame?
it comes on & off over a time car hesitates &pauses when the light gos out it stays off for 40 miles then comes back on
the car is a 2001 Eldo Cadilac ETC and the dash reads there is a problem with the anti theft and the car may not start. It h+ as had this for about a year and it has started faithfully every time so far