how do i turn the security light off

also next day climate control switched itself to celcius ,speedometer wasn't correct

turn not start

wipers @ times works and when it rains they don't.can u help?

The door panel is coming loose.

and a/c high side temp. sensor

One year ago, I had shop change coolant, oil and trmasmission fluid and filter. Day after noticed oil on floor under oil filter. Brought it back to shop to find leak and home again. Next day noticed few drops of oil under oil filter & moderate puddle on driver's side on the rear of the transmission filter. Vehicle was absolutely dry prior to service. Way too much stuff in the way to track down leak. Had to buy and place large aluminum drip pan with rolled edges to catch all the oil. I need some advice on what to do and anything else to resolve these issues.

just got this little gem and the brakes leak as fast as I can refill on closer inspection it has rusted the brake lines thrugh at the abs motor and the rear fuel location the leak seems to have rusted the rear sub frame member realy bad .. the close thing I can fugure is to replace with a Seville parts car it is the same onlt 8 inches longer am I screwing up and what problems can I run in to??