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The lights and horn is constant when I changed the battery
drove it this morning an it over heated checked my coolant level added coolant and drove back home now car has no power at all
Can you give me an estimate for installing a Jasper engine including cost/labor?
us starter has failed and remove key then wait three mins and restart but when we try it doesn't start. what trouble shooting ideas do you have???
Used a wire to pull inside handle to open door. Alarm went off ,started car to shut off alarm. Now neither outside handle will work. I can hear it unlock, but the handles outside don't seem to catch anything and won't...
car gets almost to the res zone but car does not back up through the over spill line on cooland recovery tank this is a northstar 4.6
radiator replaced 20,000 miles ago, pressure tests at 15 lbs, holds, upper hose hot, lower hose hot ,inter&outer hoses hot, radiator fans work, good lord help a old man out please!!!!!
hose no coolant flow,also tiny litte shiny objects in coolant,help
started happening right After a long rainfall.
A/C (compressor) on. How do I override the automatic "off" switch on the A/C control?
Did key bypass and still have display saying starter disabled. Remove key checked wiring under dash still have problem. Any suggestions help