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fixed break line new fuel pump. the real thing to really find the problem is the fact the car flashes on the dashboard all gears light up yellow on constantly flash what is the problem it crank but afeter 5secs off li...
What kind of screws does the air bag take on my 1997 Eldorado Cadi ? Someone took mine. I am having a hard time finding them. They don't make them anymore. Help !!!! Will something else work for me ?
I have changed the break switch. They still don't work. What should I try next ?
need to know where 1997 blower motor resistor is? cadillac eldorado?
on the firewall there is a cut out here for service next to blower motor mount what is this for.
Then it got real hard to keep running then just stopped. What that be. I have a new battery..Thanks for your help.
My truck latches but it will not close and the motor is still running
the air cond.and heater blower motor comes on while no one is around and runs the battery down,what is wrong with it
I need to replace the starter in the car. But I can't find where it is. Can you give me step by step on how to change the starter?