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on a/c air on left side is cold air on right side is hot help thanks triump 68 ...
When the belt is attached the car won't start. When the belt is not attached the car will start, what can be the problem? Just replaced the battery and starter, noticed the belt was broken. I bought a new one, and ...
I realize there is a tiny lever way in under the dash which is quite difficult to get to. I have had this car for 5 years and the release has never worked so we don't use it.
I have a vats bypass system. But dont know how to install it. I also have resistors but my key is not reading on multimeter yes I am doing right, 20k setting, both leads on each side still no luck so I do not know the...
If the car doesn't restart right away it will restart after a cool down period. Fuel filter and fuses all changed. car has olny 20000 km. Please help me figure this out. Thanks Robb
When I give it gas and pur it in drive it stays in the
I start it and moments later the blower motor come on without even touching the climate control.
I just installed a new battery and the lights will not stop flashing when i turn my car on
I have been dealing with some ongoing heat issues with my 96 cadillac eldorado and need some help. I recently took it to a local mechanic to have the heat fixed. Prior to taking the vehicle to the shop I had hot ai...
The mouling comes already painted. I would take one any color I can paint IT The color is pearl white. If anybody has one please email me at boldingo @ charter.net thanks