I hit a curb now my car won't start

Also there is alot of thick exhaust.

Informed that altenator output maybe little excess causing electrical component failures. Engine cmponents must be removed to replace starter? How often?

My '96 Eldorado's marker lights stay on when the car is shut off. When engine is running,all the markers flash. Have installed new headlight control module = still happening!!!

Have an issue that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I was replacing the studs and when pulling the brake caliper, the pads fell out. So, I don't know how they go back on. One has a clip, while the other does not. What I need to know then is if the one with the clip goes on the inside or the outside. Help! :)

White smokes out the tailpipes when drive n a steady flow of smoke cums out when I aaccelerate what could b the problem please help

on a/c air on left side is cold air on right side is hot help thanks triump 68

When the belt is attached the car won't start. When the belt is not attached the car will start, what can be the problem?

Just replaced the battery and starter, noticed the belt was broken. I bought a new one, and now when the belt isn't attached the car start, and when the belt is attached it doesn't? Anyone have any ideas?