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what could be the reason for this happening? i did some research and it said it could be the throttle position sensor but im not sure. when i get up to 40 it jerks my car so i have to stay at about 38 to stay safe
Had heater core replaced last year. I need to sell his car. Remote won't work, trunk won't open, but it clicks. Why me??
can you help me if you can with the question that I ask
they will not go off until I remove battery post can you help
stay on when car turn off will not go off unless I disconnect battery how can I stop that
to get compressor to turn on to accept charge,have warning lite,refrig very low,a/c off
It runs fine while i have it connected to another car
and my trunk is broken but i have to slam it shut for it to chach
Or do I need to replace the shifter knob? No problem going into other gears.
I can go into other gears n0 problem. Can the shift handle be tighten up?
did my power steering pump fail or is it a holes or seal
how to reset ac compressor in 93 eldorado?
My transmission was slipping. car has 180k and filter never replaced..I did replace filter and new fluid..yes the old fluid was burnt..It shifted great at first, for the first 10mi..after the filter/oil replacement..b...
when car is started the revs will not drop to the normal position, and when put in reverse it shakes the whole car same in drive position.