every time i drive a short distance

I am painting my 93 Eldorado and want to upgrade the front and rear bumpers so that it looks like a 95-02. The body is the same. doors, hood all the same. Just not sure about switching the bumpers. I have a 96 Donor car that I am about to purchase, but only if I can make the parts fit without spending a fortune. Any help is greatly appreciated.


what could be the reason for this happening? i did some research and it said it could be the throttle position sensor but im not sure. when i get up to 40 it jerks my car so i have to stay at about 38 to stay safe

Had heater core replaced last year. I need to sell his car. Remote won't work, trunk won't open, but it clicks.
Why me??

checked catalyst already

can you help me if you can with the question that I ask

they will not go off until I remove battery post can you help

stay on when car turn off will not go off unless I disconnect battery how can I stop that

to get compressor to turn on to accept charge,have warning lite,refrig very low,a/c off

It runs fine while i have it connected to another car

and my trunk is broken but i have to slam it shut for it to chach

Or do I need to replace the shifter knob? No problem going into other gears.

I can go into other gears n0 problem. Can the shift handle be tighten up?

did my power steering pump fail or is it a holes or seal