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12.7V on battery with car off. !4.5V with car running and accessories on. When driving the alternator stops charging and the battery begins to drain until car dies. I've replaced and tested the alternator and battery....
hot only lukewarm. I replaced the thermostat but still doesn't get hot. The engine gets hot enough that the engine fan comes on when it reaches 225. Is that temp normal? It never runs hot I just wondering about that....
I have noise coming from my alternator
Suspect broken motor mounts. Any suggestions welcome. No warning lights or messages on dash print out.
door key will not unlock the drivers door, can I unplug the sec. mod. to reset the system
(Security) light does not come on. Waited 3 minutes. tried to start car but it won't start. Tried different key, still won't start.
replaced hoses to radiator and still have leak from somewhere behind serpintine belt
I have by passed the cyliniod on the starter and it will roll over but will not fire?
it only blows out of dash board vent and when you outside of car its sounds like its blowing from the outside
wvery time this happens and seems like getting louder
on auto, hi and front and rear windshield defrosters on. if anyone knows anything abut this condition please email me