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I changed my water pump, it now leaks out of 2 of the bolts on the top, I tighened them up, how do I stop it from leaking there, the pump is working
cause the lubricant to collect in such a way as to deteriorate the switch seals and result in a refrigerant slow leak? I have replaced the low pressure switch at least three times since purchase of a used 1990 Cadill...
Passenger side, outside light on the front of the bumper
son used car and didn't know remote switch is in glove box so used key to open trunk also you aren't supposed to slam shut and he did. Trunk on left side is lined up perfect however otherside is about an inch high not...
Need to locate vacuum ports under dash & engine (I have been told). any hints for possible solutions?
I think it may be a problem with twilight sentinal sensor but how do I check (Mostly locate) and/or repair?
there is pressure but no power to stop the car. The repair shop said the brake booster shorted out when the alt. went out. I only had the car running for 2 minutes tops when the alt went out. Is this possible and i...
how do i figure if it is the switch or something else? I did try another switch from a junk yard.still nothing.they do go on manually.
I haven't driven the car in about 8 years. I've seen used engines online as cheap as $8k. Being that I want to replace everything under the hood, I need upholstery work done, a decent stereo system, new tires, new muf...
second question. my information display keeps saying to change my oil after the fact, and i had the transaxle fluid changed as well? forgive me if these are dumb questions
Hey, I own a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1989. I recently changed the Map sensor and the Radiator. However, I am still getting the engine light when I increase my speeds beyond 60 MPH. I have pulled the following co...
does the body control module have any control over centennial and interior lights . Also where is it located at inside or under hood
my centennial is not working and my Chilton book says there is a relay for it in the interior relay but I cant find it
ckd power lights come on only if I move headlight switch to max.