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Car Recalls

Recalls are issued for cars with safety-related defects or problems

BMW X5 M recalls


For Models: BMW X5, BMW X5 M, BMW X5 xDrive

Brakes, February 7, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

All modern vehicles use some type of power assist for the braking system. The 8 cylinder models being recalled use a vacuum pump, connected to the power booster by a vacuum hose, to provide the necessary assist. The vacuum pump may leak a small amount of lubricating oil into the vacuum hose and this contamination could result in a loss of power assist, leading to increased stopping distances. Dealers will correct this concern by replacing the brake vacuum line with an improved version.

For Models: BMW X5 M, BMW X5 xDrive

Suspension & Steering, June 12, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain 2012 X5 models equipped with a diesel engine, and a number of 2013 X5 and X6 models, may develop a power steering fluid leak from the steering gear. This leak is due to a machining error on the steering gear. Leaking power steering fluid can spray onto hot exhaust parts, increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire. Dealers will inspect and replace the steering gear as necessary on affected vehicles.

For Models: BMW 550i, BMW 650i, BMW 650i xDrive, BMW 750Li, BMW 750Li ActiveHybrid, BMW 750Li xDrive, BMW 750i, BMW 750i ActiveHybrid, BMW 750i xDrive, BMW X5 M, BMW X5 xDrive, BMW X6 M, BMW X6 xDrive

Engine, April 5, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Vehicles equipped with an 8 or 12 cylinder turbocharged engine may overheat the circuit board for the auxiliary water pump. This could lead to smoldering of the pump or an engine compartment or vehicle fire. Dealers will replace the auxiliary water pump to correct this concern.

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