the cooling and heater lights are not on

Mechanic tried to reprogram it to the car said module would not let him reset the code.Any way to unlock the module so it can be coded the the car?

top worked fine before down slowly once..had to help it back up. now won't go down anymore, still locks and!

alignment suggestions other than factory specks

Well. I am a dumbass and removed the drain plug on the transmission for my wife's 06 z4 during an oil change. Assuming I can find 2.5 liters of fluid, just where is the fill plug? Hard to get clearance under the darn thing to see anything.... Please tell me its not under the exhaust pipe heat shield. Thank you!

MY Z4 has been in the shop for alignment
on four occasions for alignment , car keeps pulling to the left, and sometimes goes from left to right.

Any suggestions.