I out tue key in and no power or light come one. It was fine and then one day has no electrical power

car will not take gas when this happens...........turn key off and restart and you can take off fine...keep speed above 30 and no problem

The steering wheel sticks when turning

Was replacing purge valve and the hose came off the other end by or on the throttle body. Can't find the nipple it goes to. Any help is appreciated.

It just started. Hoses and belts seem to be ok

. . .light up continuously. The manual says it has something to do with the Dynamic Stability control on the car. Has anyone experienced this and what could be causing this? Also what kind of repair charges can I be looking at. It came on before but went out. It came on again about 40 miles later. Does not seem to impact the ride or braking but I just purchased the car so still getting familiar with the ride.

car sways a little to on rough surfaces

I used a 2 amp battery tender on the jumpstart terminals under the hood before I removed the battery. The trunk light was on while i had the battery out, so there was power to the system.
what can I do to reset the fuel gauge. It reads the proper amount, about 1/2 full until the ignition is turned on. All the other electronics seem to be working properly. Any help will be appreciated

I've taken it to a mechanic and he finds nothing wrong. He said to run it. I take it to emissions and they tell me the same.

Took it to the dealer (rip off). They tested everything and replaced the sensor sending unit. Flushed the cooling system, bled out the air...problem still exists. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I don't want to just start replacing parts randomly. Mechanic said the Z4 runs hot but I don't buy that. Temp. gauge gets up to 3/4 mark. I don't want to blow a head gasket. I think the temp gauge needle should remain near the vertical position not vacillate up and down. Also A/C shuts off when the temp. goes up. Mechanic also said the gauge is not actually a gauge but instead a buffered switch. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Car is in perfect shape and has been well maintained.

It has the 2.5 Engine

Put on new rear tires yesterday (Regular not run flat) and still have the whop, whop What next????