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X3 has 81000 miles on it. When I coast from 40 to 30 mph there is a whirring noise from the rear of the car. Has the differential fluid changed and still there. Could it be a wheel bearing or differential bearing?
Problem only occurs for the first few stops in the mornings then OK when warmed up. BMW say the solution is a new transmission.
The cooling fan to my X3 had stopped working. I have checked the power socket and gotten a reading of approximately 12 volts. I purchased a new fan, Dorman 621-194, from Amazon.com and replaced the old with the new. N...
the service engine light is on, when you start car it shakes,
the service engine light turned on now the car when you started shakes like a vacuum leak or just misfiring
first time it occurred, was driving in traffic when the car would not move forward, no lights came on until it started overheating.
Car is in great condition and no more factory warranty.
There is a loud ticking noise when the vehicle is first started. Usually when it is cold out.