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suspension noise in reverse
its ticking when driving I have got oil chnge but its still ticking
My vehicle has some oil leaks from the engine which a mechanic says are because of a worn out valve cover gasket and bad oil filter.
Took it to the dealership and didn't find the problem cause it started for them 2 weeks they had it. They hook it up to a diagnosis machine and found nothing. It started to have a dead battery again I took it to anoth...
i accidentally put oil in the car radiator spot
My temperature gauge all of a sudden jumped into the red and overheated causing the vehicle to automatically shut down. Coolant level was okay and fan was engaging (however, it was running extremely hard). Switched ou...
ABS, BRAKE & 4x4 lights illuminated at 64,000 mi. dealer says transfer case needs replacement and quoting over $2,800. i see the part online for appx $1,000. if labor is $150/hr, how does the remaining $1,800 add u...
It was obvious that a hose or something had burst. I had it towed to a local dealership that I had never used. They called me later and said that the expansion chamber had burst and they had replaced it. That seems to...
motor. It has course threads. I think it is just a lifting point for when the motor is removed? Can you help me? Thanks Wayne
I had a "miss". The dealer unplugged the sensor and said I would have 4WD and the only issue would be a light showing up on the dash. Instead, this turned off my 4WD. I want to plug ti back in myself.
All I can add is that the car rear ended another about 8 months ago, causing some minor cosmetic as well as cooling system damage. Is it likely this lingered for that long and suddenly resulted in this?