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car starts but idles rough. takes 3or4 seconds for tach and gauges to come on, then engine shuts off.
I hit something in the rd lost the shaft differential , transfer case . my ins will not pay said car is known for that! it is bs. this is with safeco/liberty mutual they will not total it or pay to fix. you can't b...
Coolant. Any ideas if this a serious problem or perhaps a hose?Rad has been losing coolant slowly, also seems a coincidence that I put heat on, unusual as I live FL
Car blowing lots of white smoke from exhaust and check engine light came on
To have head gasket rebuilt he is charge $3,200--is this right?
Car still shows no issues...What is it? If simply emissions, or nothing immediately critical, how do I turn it off?
what else does the bmw do to fix it properly w/o it costing mega $$$?
Hello, I bought a BMW X3 diesel 2005 a few months ago. the only problem that I'm facing is that I cannot turn on the interior lights on the back seats.... the front seats lights are fine. is there any secret key...
engine light on codes P0171 P0174
A/C problem with my X3 at 63,000 miles. BMW Dealer wants to replace the expansion valve - cost $1300. No leak, so far, has been found in the evaporator coil. Estimate on that job is $3200. Raleigh, NC Are these pr...
the car has 67000 miles there is a loud noise in the front end over 30 mph The dealer warranty expired 1200 mile two months ago He wants to charge 780.00 to replace the right front wheel berring only. Should they both...
I have the idle air control disconnected but I can not get it off of the throttle body gasket or gromet, it won't let go. Any suggestions.