I have a BMW X3 2005, lately after driving on a bumpy road a warning sound and the ABS, Brake warning and DSC 4X4 warning Lts come on and stay on.
After switching off and restarting, the lights go off until I hit a bumpy road again.

When I try to start the car, sometimes it won't start until I've turned the wheel back and forth a few times.

car starts but idles rough. takes 3or4 seconds for tach and gauges to come on, then engine shuts off.

can hear fuelpump/relay(?)buzzing.

I hit something in the rd lost the shaft differential , transfer case . my ins will not pay said car is known for that! it is bs. this is with safeco/liberty mutual they will not total it or pay to fix. you can't break a driveshaft without hitting something it will cost a little o/ 4k to fix how can i prove my car does not have drive shaft problems ?

Coolant. Any ideas if this a serious problem or perhaps a hose?Rad has been losing coolant slowly, also seems a coincidence that I put heat on, unusual as I live FL

Car blowing lots of white smoke from exhaust and check engine light came on

To have head gasket rebuilt he is charge $3,200--is this right?

Cost on the parts

Car still shows no issues...What is it? If simply emissions, or nothing immediately critical, how do I turn it off?

what else does the bmw do to fix it properly w/o it costing mega $$$?


I bought a BMW X3 diesel 2005 a few months ago. the only problem that I'm facing is that I cannot turn on the interior lights on the back seats.... the front seats lights are fine.

is there any secret key to turn on... or should be a damaged fuse, or whatever.

any idea will be appreciated.

engine light on codes P0171 P0174