Emergency mode light on won't stay running

Replaced all 4 obd sensors, both ccv
Clean both exhaust manifold ports replaced the battery and all spark plugs also gas cap
All monitors but secondary monitor will not complete

What is it when car has to be jumper off after cranking ? What size battery for this car?

vehicle is sluggish, sometime it jumps and not shifting. signal lights not turning off and

The message appears when the car is turned on.

The transmission automatically shifts to P when the engine is switched off. please contact BMW.

left side signal

still not working .what can i do?

I was told by an electrician that I need to change the above switch because the reverse lights when engaged do not light.

I put a new battery in my car but its still not starting when I push the start button all the electronics come on but the car is not starting can you help me with this