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w/ cold engine take off wgua cap add 1/3 cp fluid and the a/c fan comes ? is there a sensor aomewhere by tha filler tank??
Code p1168 don't know wat to fix please help ..and explain in detail please
one day the engine is running great,i go to start it the next day and the engine malfunction light comes on and the car runs ruff I pulls off with it and gets up to 40mph and reduce speed shows up,so I parks it for 4 ...
the car will cut off in not start for about 5 to 10 minutes
It remains running even when car is off can anyone tell me what this may be & how to fix it.
"transmission overheating" stop car immediately and allow transmission to cool. if problem persist, contact your bmw dealer.
it goes off screen hen driven, but returns. what does this mean and how to correct it?
motor still tries to crank over all lights and radio are working i have no clue where the relay panel is located
Getting emmisions error code failure