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I noticed antifreeze on the driveway coming from the bottom of the car a couple of days ago. I kept replacing it until I could take it to someone but now there's NO anitfreeze on the ground, still losing it and it ru...
I have 2004 545i everything was good , I try to put gas but when I went to start my car it didn't want to start
The light doesn't come on along with the radio and seat belt alarms. What could be the problem and potential cost to repair?
I have a BMW 545i and it seem to not be going into high gear like when you slam on the gas pedal it stays in low gear the guy i brought it from said that i was a tranny sensor but i cant seem to find one of those onl...
I won't say that I hate this car but something is always wrong, at the moment I have no music in the car for about 4 months now...When it's cold out, it would work as normal but when I switch off the car after reachin...
It has a light on that shows the steering fluid has a problem.
My car is automatic and manual and sometimes the car change form automatic transmission to manual transmission and start shifting from 2 to 1 or from 1 to 2 shift and sometimes the shift from Neutral to Reverse take l...
I ordered the kit and it has everything but the bolts need to be torque to factory specs and I don't know what that are to complete the job. Valve cover gasket replacement - Job
i have a 545I 2004 hardly driving it..always serviced when needed..about 100k miles...today recd msg saying transmission fault..reduced power...i did not drive any further..any idea what the problem is?
i hardly drive the car..always serviced when needed
The sound isn't the valve nor the lifters. I was told it was a part in the valve train that wears out and I could drive the car without having to worry about it. I have noticed that once the car is under a load the so...
How much should labor be to replace the transmission
How to reset the flat trie code
the car leaks oil on my garage floor. the service rep @ the dealer says it will cost $3,200 to repair the leaking front timing covers.
i purchased car dec 20010 as bmw 545i 2004 model manufacture on july2004 i want to know that do i have nlue thooth unit ican not conect phone , asking passkey which i dont have my email mike_patel5225@yahoo.com