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i got all other power but wont start! it had a burned smell to it! thanks everyone for your help!
Tried to turn over, now nothing. No error message on dash, all electronics work, tried both keys, cables on battery are clean, light on battery is green
driver side window was left open and rain wet the power window switch. Now three of the windows will not open or close. Do I need to replace the drivers side switch or all three switches?
I have had the heat shield around exhaust checked for tightness - no problem there!
Dealer says the computer needs to be pinged? It will overcharge if not done.
The light will come once if I move the wire but only for a little while. How do I fix this
power folding mirrors travel too far
Where do u find, the inlet to put in transmission fluid in this car.
It is intermitent and dealer has not found the problem.
air only blows out of one exhaust pipe
Changed 4 tires. Does it matter if regular 4 wheel alignment will be done in my car ? Please advise