The fuse and the relay are good, so I was wondering if the fule pump is no good. It will fire if I put fule directly to fule rail, but I do not no the plug to pump diagram. The plug has numbers, I'm thinking I could check power to pump if I new the plug was properly powered.

Can a valve cover gasket leaking cause the car idle low and hesitate when stopping and going

it will start after long cranking with full throttle

I recently got a 1991 BMW 535i. My son and I were planning to turbo it and making a great project car. But in order for us to do that we have to have a running car. The car had a old viper alarm system that fried the wiring and we took it out. But still we get no spark from the coil, does anyone have any answers?

hapen this morning now my car start but wiper & windos don't work i disconect the power how can I get the code?

The car just started shaking like it's kinds floating on the road?

I am not getting any power to my Radio or CD changer? Are there any fuses other than under the hood?

Pump stop working,it won't turn on

cost for changing trnansmission coolant lines that go from radiator to transmission.