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Car is turned off but the ventilation fan will not turn off. Tried the parked car ventilation system but it won't work.
Everything turns on when key is turned but doesn't crank.
shift boot to release it in gear so what could b the problem
need to replace my headlights in 2006 bmw 530i. dealers are too expensive and have found some on craigs list real cheap but not all parts are inter-changable. looking for a cheaper fix
I initially didn't have heat.replaced the heat control valve. Have heat now but water is blowing back thru the expansion tank.
Dear sir, I have problem with my e60 BMW 530i 2006... about 1 month ago there was a fuel pump fault ,so I changed it& INJECTOR SYSTEM IS BEEN WASHED. 2-3 days later I had the same fault & I just changed the f...
SOS button was pushed in error and now the radio continue to runs; even though the car is turned off. Diagnostic code: CCC Module
no documentation of when oil was changed last although mechanic who changed it right after purchase said the oil looked new. Computer was reset, now oil indicator has started coming on when I cut the car off. I checke...
I have never had the transmission flushed and I am at 128000 miles.
a engine, is the dealer responsible, since they tested the system and now the engine is blown?
There is a transmission leakage at the bottom of the car?where does this leakage originate from and what precuations to be taken
2006 BMW 530i the passive restrain and seat belt lights are on, is there a reset method ? Is there a recall on this problem ?
since i have bought the car the turn signals do not work i have looked for a turn signal flasher but cannot find one
While driving the drive control system just pops on. I took the car to the BMW dealer and they want to charge me 1400.00 dollars to fix it. They say I need a steering angle sensor. I just want to know if any other own...