Cannot pass emissions. Code continues to activate...

Replaced part for the code P0011...camshaft item.

I have 2004 530i only 120,000 miles. I just replaced the spark plugs about couple months.
Now the check engine light in on and I get the code P0306 Cylinder #6 Misfire, So I swapped the plug and the coil with Cylinder #1 and I still get the same code " Misfire Cylinder #6"
what else I should do?

How can I run Bluetooth thru my factory radio. Is ther an auxiliary port I want to be able to run pandora thru my phone or use my I pod

Just bought the car and the light went on

Just curious

Please help adapter if you can . Thanks!

rpm jump but car doesn't seems like it trying to accelerate when it jumps

Also code p0171

when i tried to start it after putting 4 gallons in tank it would just crank but never started. I tried first to start it and not hit the gas pedal then when it didnt work that way I tried pumping it a couple times still nothing. Is there something I dont know that I need to do before I tried starting it after I ran out of gas then put 4 gallons in tank. Please help...